New version: 2.07

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New version: 2.07

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We released the new Tungsten today, version 2.07.

  • update the Blink engine to 47.0.2526.106
  • update SQLite to 3.10.0
  • add active tab's title in main window title
  • delete metro_driver.dll and dependencies
  • delete some Chromium components (e.g. Chrome Crash Service, recovery)
  • correct mouse button names for gestures (left -> main, right -> sub)
Bug Fixed
  • cannot show the Chromium extension detail
  • cannot open HTML file when associate .htm file with Tungsten
  • process monitor issue at rendering engine process
  • process monitor issue when disabled local app capturing
  • a possible crash other apps when Tungsten ends
  • a tab bar issue in some cases when revert a split tab
  • some minor bug fixes.
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