For Avast anti-malware users and vendor

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For Avast anti-malware users and vendor

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We recommend not to use Avast (and AVG acquired by Avast) because a false positive detection has been neglected.

If you are using Avast anti-malware, Avast may detect a malware when installing Tungsten.
In such a case, please redownload Tungsten from our official web site. If it still doesn't work, it is a false positive.

We reported that our software is false positive to Avast. However, Avast didn't accept. Moreover, Avast said "Our virus specialists have confirmed that this detection is indeed correct due to lack of compliance with our clean software policy." We asked where part of your clean software policy is a problem, Avast answered as examples:
  1. "the program affects functionality of other software"
    => This answer is not clear. It is contents which it is hard to accept.
  2. "there is no digital signature present on the files and the vendor is completely unknown"
    => The digital signature is very expensive for personal, then we won't sign. It is a problem to say that it is not misdetected just by not having a signature.
  3. "other anti-virus engines we cooperate with are detecting these files"
    => We can't understand. Does Avast say that it was detected by another vendor and not erroneously detected?
Anti-malware vendors other than Avast have accepted honestly even if there is false positive. It is very regretful that there are vendors that will state such requests and we are disappointed.

We can't fix this false positive unless the attitude of Avast changes.
For Avast users, please exclude our software, and thank you for understanding.