New version: 2.10

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New version: 2.10

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We released the new Tungsten version 2.10 in Febrary 6 2017.

Added features
  • tab layout setting feature
  • enhanced Blink engine's features
  • update the Blink engine to 56.0.2924.87
  • update SQLite to 3.16.4
  • no more support for Windows Vista
  • prevent IDN from converting to Punycode when using Blink engine
  • deletable by DEL key at mouse gesture items
  • delete favicons when favorites or quickstart items are modified
  • change version up message when using portable edition
  • work the argument "--no-sandbox" from Tungsten.exe
  • commonize binaries of Japanese version and English version
Bug Fixed
  • title bar issue when disabled DWM
  • cannot show save password bubble
  • garble address bar when Blink displays file path containing double-byte characters
  • move Blink's crashpad from Chromium to Tungsten's profile
  • "chrome start guide" issue when open the 1st new tab on Windows 10
  • cannot switch from Local folder to Trident engine in some environments
  • extra ".ico" is added issue when system folder is displayed in Local folder
  • some minor bug fixes
Download Installer or Portable: