MSR & Joker, Tungsten 2.13 Is Absolutely Horrible!

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MSR & Joker, Tungsten 2.13 Is Absolutely Horrible!

Post by lfrazier »

MSR & Joker, Tungsten 2.13 Is Absolutely Horrible!

December 12, 2018

MSR & Joker,

I have download, and installed Tungsten 2.13, created on December 31, 2017, which is the worst Internet Browser, that I have ever used! I have loaded a full directory of Favorites, from Notepad text, and they absolutely change, with additions! The front screen, shows previous websites, with "no image" from many sites, which all had images. I have not gone to, and posted complaints, but is this Internet Browser, been "scrapped," and not developed? I am using an Alienware 17, Gaming Machine, Revision 4, with 16 GB of Installed Memory (RAM), running Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, with all current updates, an open 128 GB SSD for Drive C:\, and an open 1 TB HDD for Drive D:\. I have current, and updated, Windows Defender Security Center, Malwarebytes Premium 2018, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1260, Glary Utilities, Wise Care 365 5.2.2, and other programs. I have 0 Trojans, 0 Worms, 0 Spyware, 0 Malware, or 0 Viruses, on my computers, but what is wrong with Tungsten 2.13? I have many Internet Browsers, loaded on my Alienware 17 computer, but I have never had an Internet Browser preform, with this many Tungsten 2.13 horrible problems.

Do you have any comments?

Lloyd F. Frazier
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Re: MSR & Joker, Tungsten 2.13 Is Absolutely Horrible!

Post by tungsten »

Thank you for using our "WORST" "SCRAPPED" browser.
We won't stop you speaking because you are free to state the impression of our product. However, please calm down first and ask what you would like to improve. If you can not keep calm, there is no room for this argument any longer.

If the thumbnails are not shown, this is a kind of bug, so we would like to fix. But we don't know why this issue is caused. We will fix it as soon as the cause is known.

We are also free to maintain or stop our product whatever you say. We're going to maintain if someone supports, while we're going to stop if everyone criticizes.

We expect that your constructive opinions will emerge.

And also...
* Your post was waiting for approval to prevent spam posting, so it took some time for posts to appear. We appreciate your understanding.
* Please don't post with any personal information in this forum, we fixed.

MSR & Joker
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